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Code of Conduct


Strictly Stick to and Abide by The Following Code of Conduct.

Labour :

A : No Child Labour.

B : No Forced Labour.

C : No Discrimination in The Hiring of Workers and Human Resources Management.

D: No Abuse and Harassment,Verbal or Physical,in The Work Place.

E : Respect for Freedom of Association.

F : Minimum and Fair Wages Paid According to Local and National Industry Benchmark Standards.

G : Fair Working Hours According to Local and National Industry Benchmark Standards.

H : Labour Welfare Guaranteed.

Working Conditions and Safety :

A : Healthy and Hygienic Working Area.

B : Building Safety Guaranteed.

C : Dining and Food Safety Guaranteed.

D : Conduct Fire Control Safety Training Regularly.

E : Stick to Fire Control Safety Regulations.

Business Ethics :

A : Choose Ethical and Qualified Business Partners,Suppliers and Subcontractors.

B : No Bribery and Corruption in Business Transactions.

C : Stick to Fair Trade.

D : Stick to International Common and Conventional Trade Practices.

Environment Protection :

A : Choose Qualified and Eco-Friendly Suppliers,Subcontractors to Work with.

B : Stick to Working Area Environment Protection Standard.

C : Support Sustainable Development Connection Between Industrial Products,Consumer Markets and Environment.

D : Stick to Local and National Environment Protection Laws and Regulations.