Custom Bags Manufacturer

High Quality Custom Leather Bags and Purses,Chic Bespoke Handbags from Chinese Manufacturing Experts


Ask:How to make an order for my custom designs ?
Answer:Please refer to the page “How It Works” and follow the steps.Please send your designs by E-mail at We will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.
Ask:We are not big,can we order in small quantities ?
Answer:No matter your order is big or small,we are capable of offering you the desired solution.We have low minimum order quantity for middle and high end markets start-ups and we focus on and specialize in niche markets as well.
Ask:Can we customize logo plate,monogram printing,signature lining,dust cover ?
Answer:Yes,we can make everything one-stop for you at .For details as per inquiry concerned.Please send us a formal authorization to allow us to produce under your brand name.
Ask:Can we send over sample bags to you for a direct copy ?
Answer:Yes,we can copy on your samples and provide you with counter-samples for approval.We do not EXACTLY or DIRECTLY copy and make mirror images of such as designer bags,knockoff bags and fake replicas of other brand owners.We value and respect and abide by the international intellectual property rights.We welcome designer-inspired ideas and make necessary and possible changes on those designs.
Ask:How much do you charge for samples making ?
Answer:Sample charges are based on how complicated the designs are.The more complicated the design,the sample charge is high.The sample charge per design could be from one to two hundreds US dollars averagely.For details as per inquiry concerned.
Ask:Can you remake the samples if we need further changes ?
Answer:If the designs are not changed in structure aspect,we can remake the samples for you for free of charge.If the original structure be changed,then we will have to charge a certain percentage of the sample fee paid.Generally for all orders,we do make one more in-house pre-production item for each design before mass-producing as a double-check and also for production purpose.Once a new customer places an order of the samples,we will return the sample charges fully or partially depending on the order amount.For customers who regularly place orders with us,we could offer samples making for free of charge or charge only a certain percentage as material cost.
Ask:How long is the turn around time ?
Answer:Samples making could be from one week up to four weeks depending on the total quantity of the designs and the considering of the customization of logo plate,digital printing,custom lining etc.
Ask:How long is the turn around time ?
Answer:Mass-producing order turn around time could be generally from 15 to 35 days depending on the total quantity.For details as per order concerned.
Ask:Can I order samples of materials,leather swatches and hardware accessories ?
Answer:Yes you can.We offer swatches and hardware for free of charge.You only need to pay for shipping or advise us your international courier account for freight collect.
Ask:Do you have swatches and colours to choose for my designs ?

Yes for each collection of designs,we will recommend the related and required swatches and colors for samples making by E-mail.We will also send more swatches for reference and choosing when we ship the samples package.Generally we can source all the lastest and popular leather patterns,fabrics,and hardware accessories in different colours as well as some niche and rare materials.We use Pantone TPG and TPX the latest version FHIP110N to match colours.Please advise the colour codes when you refer to Pantone.Thanks. 

Ask:What currency can we pay in and how ?
Answer:We prefer payment currency in USD as a priority,Euro and GBP and AUD are also optional and acceptable.We transact through banks via telegraphic transfers and letter of credit as main methods of payment.Online payment channel such as credit card shall be coming soon as well for our B2C site.
Ask:What is your delivery term ?

We can ship to worldwide.We prepay the shipping cost if consignee does not have a shipping account.We ship via several means such as courier express,regular mail small parcel,air cargo and by-sea shipment.We can offer one-stop logistics services with our national-class professional forwarder.Economic rate,safe and fast delivery are guaranteed.For details as per each shipment concerned.

Ask:What is the warranty period ?
Answer:We give a standard of one year warranty for our products except otherwise specified.For details as per each order concerned.
Ask:Can you keep our designs exclusive ?
Answer:We do NOT and will NEVER share or sell or disclose your designs to any party unconcerned in any form.Your designs are kept exclusive to you and your business and shipment info are safe with us.