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Brand Story

: Fashion,I mean is one-of-a-kind “Let it Go”style for each different person.It more or less means different thing for different people.Fashion is also a lifestyle and everyone deserves his or her own fashion.I totally believe Everyone in this world is so unique and the wearing of the outlook and accessories largely reflects the taste and inner side of a person.That is exactly what specialize in : we only make bags,elegantly infusing quality and luxury into your daily life and everyday functionality.'s fashion concepts and ideas are mainly based on The Eco-Friendly,Sustainable and One-of-a-kind.   
Nine years ago,I moved into this town by chance and I was so excited to see all those colourful and attractive fabrics and leathers displayed in the Leather Mall Centrum,so beautiful and incredibly so impressive,and yes,they were the materials to make those chic bags you saw everywhere on men and women.Later I found that nearly all of the businesses in the town were leatherware and bag-line involved.That was huge and comprehensive in this industry.I was so interested in this new area after working as a three-year marketing manager in a transnational garment company in HK.I decided to stay and study little by little,from learning to draw the basic sketches,visiting materials markets and sourcing the best quality leathers,learning the purposes of different fabrics and choosing the elegant hardware to match on the designs,all the way to making the patterns for myself and designing a new bag with just a single thought or raw idea……Well,it was a real long story all through hardships and diligences when I look back nowadays.I am neither a designer nor a stylist,I like to rate myself this way.I would rather people call me “A Tailor”- Yes,that is exactly me,I am just a tailor not considering of my cross-borders business experiences and background.I believe that the most successful thing in life is to do the extreme of all on the same thing and enjoy it ! Simple is Great.

I love my business,I love to imagine and create new designs,I love to share new ideas with my customers,I love to help my customers with their business ventures and turn their designs into real life,and I love my family and friends and all of you around,and finally most importantly I love my career and what I do now,and this would be the only thing I will do for the rest of my life.

Founder  : Michael Lee

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